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Body Painters: Zeta Bar


Zeta Bar offers Secret Garden At Hilton Sydney: Human Statue Bodyart models every Friday Night; Sydney, Australia; Hilton Tree human statues gets party alive...


Sydney’s Hilton internationally acclaimed Zeta Bar has continues on its 'Secret Garden', complete with human statue - 'Hilton Tree' model (Nevana).


It was all happening and the garden came alive as its been doing for a few Thursday and Friday nights this Summer campaign.


If you haven't been yet, fear not - Secret Garden mania and fever is hitting the Zeta most Friday for many months - the 'Secret Garden' will be awaiting you so be tempted and bite into the secret apples and anything else you can get your teeth into ladies and gents.  *Note that the 'Secret Garden' is on again next Thursday (not Friday). Call Hilton Hotel Sydney if you want to double check the details.


Commencing at 6 p.m, Zeta Bar's outdoor terrace has been fancifully transformed into a magical garden with beautifully manicured lawns and garden furniture making it the perfect spot to while away a Friday afternoon.


“Working with the two can be difficult due to the delicate flavours of the wine," said Colin Tam, Zeta Bar head head bartender. "It’s highly important for both to be perfectly balanced, we don't want to overpower the wine but at the same time ensuring that the flavours enhance the notes of the wine and compliment the flavours of the spirits.”


‘The Secret Garden’ has been whipped up by head bartender Colin and his highly trained Zeta Bar team who were also behind the successful ‘Coney Island’ and ‘Farmers Market’ concepts. Each of the Zeta mixologists has created a cocktail with inspirations ranging from their childhoods and interpretations of the book ‘The Secret Garden’.


The team from Human Statue Bodyart has secured a long term contract to help Hilton's Zeta Bar make the dream a reality, by providing some of the talent (human statues and models) as well as other creative aspects to help make this seasons Zeta Bar promotion one of the greatest ever.


See you in the Secret Garden.


Step inside ‘The Secret Garden' at Zeta Bar every Friday night from 6.00pm, until March 2013.  *next 'Secret Garden' at the Zeta Bar will be on Thursday. Telephone Hilton Sydney if you wish to double check the details.