Human Statue Bodyart

Sydney Hilton Hotel Zeta Bar tempts and tantalises

Hilton Sydney’s Zeta Bar is talking guests back to the sexy mystique of the nineteenth century underworld, or Underbelly if you will, every Friday night until the end of September.
Pushing the boundaries of traditional cabaret is the experience at Zeta’s brand new ‘Extreme Cabaret’, now into its 4th wicked week.
It's stunning Zeta Bar was once again transformed into a theatrical era gone by. Think Moulin Rouge meets Burlesque, with live sensual themes to tantalise and titillate you, and then of course you have the wonderful cocktails to keep things kicking along.
Zeta’s ‘ringmaster’ of cocktails and international expert bar consultant, Grant Collins, is the mastermind behind Extreme Cabaret at Zeta.
“To mirror the unique and vibrant event concept, I have developed a menu of cocktails with the same theatre and ‘shock factor’ as the dramatic décor and extraordinary acts,” Collins said.
“Be prepared to expect the unexpected at Extreme Cabaret! I have no doubt that the acts, atmosphere and cocktails will amaze everyone who experiences them and keep them coming back for more.”
Be there every flirtatious Friday night, live entertainment will transport you to a lurid fantasy world, including extreme burlesque performers, juggling little people, contortionists and fire acts, complete with shock-humour and Ringmaster.
Tonight one of our Human Statue models Elena Samodanova performed in a wonderful black and red corset style number.
Elena was just wonderful. What the public didn't see was all of the hard work that went into the costume and make-up, backstage in the green room. Thank god we had earlier in the week sourced some wonderful new equipment from our friend Anne at Beauty and Spa Solutions. The Hollywood studio kit helped us get just the right look on our models and the studio chair ensured the models we comfortable and relaxed in which we transformed them into Extreme Cabaret superstars.
It was rumoured that a number of Network Nine 'Underbelly' stars were in attendance tonight, but  we were asked not to name names, but rather than to mention that you might just see some of the same faces on Channel Nine this Sunday night at 'Underbelly Razor' returns to the box.
The weather might have been wet tonight in 'Sin City' Sydney, but things were sure hot and pumping at the Zeta.
Special thanks to Grant, Manual, Dave and Karina at the Hilton for keeping things running so beautifully for us.