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Doc Neeson

Glam rocker icons Motley Crue officially opened their down under Australian tour last night in Brisbane.
Crew, tonight it was 'Sin City' Sydney, and the boys didn't disappoint and looked right at home in the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
The crowd was right into it from the get-go and leaped in joy (or scare) when the boys hit the stage, thanks to a whack of pyrotechnics taking things up a notch.
The band was eager to please and gave us a Best-Of set of numbers.
For my liking the highlights included: "Shout At The Devil", "Same Ol’ Situation", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Saints Of Los Angeles", "Smokin’ in the Boys Room", and the massive finishing number, "Kickstart My Heart". There was also a touch of nudity from a bevvy of 35+ women.
Tommy Lee rocked with his drumming and witty banter definite high-points of the night. And Mick Mars is living proof that you can most definitely rock out until, as the boys all stated, "the wheels fall off". The 60-year-old rocker can still rip it up.
The combo of fireworks, flame-throwers, steam explosions, fake blood, nudity, and craziness from these 4 middle-aged rockstars, it resulted in quite an entertaining evening of rock’n’roll.
*Bret Michaels (frontman of Poison also performed). It seems Michaels had his own legion of fans in attendance and got a huge pop from the crowd on more than one occasion.
Michael's song list included...
Rock N Roll All Night
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Nothing But A Good Time
Talk Dirty To Me
What The Cat Dragged In
Manna Don't Dance
Unskinny Bop
*Doc Neeson (Voice Of The Angels) was the main support. Brett Michael's was the other support, and it was touch and go as to who of these supports were more popular. Some fans got into the supports more than the main event.
Doc's song list included...

Take a Long Line.

No Secrets.

Shadow Boxer.

Dr John.


Am I ever Gonna See You're Face Again.
All up, a rocking good night.