Human Statue Bodyart

Hilton Hotel Sydney

Sydney’s Zeta Bar at the world famous Hilton Hotel continued to wow with the extreme cabaret, now a regular on the menu of Friday nights in 'Sin City'.

If prohibition things and tease are your thing, or vice if you prefer, you have most assuredly come to the right place.

My Human Statue Bodyart was over the moon to once again deliver a red hot and smoking cabaret presentation, this time with a strong burlesque and 'Moulin Rouge' look and feel.

Cabaret lovers were rapt to hear that the rumours continue to get stronger regarding the 'Extreme Cabaret' theme will continuing at Hilton Sydney much longer than the originally forecast 12 weeks. Word is that the new Hilton Hotel at the Gold Coast, as well as New Zealand and even as far as the United Statues and Amsterdam, are keen as a mustard coloured stripper to incorporate extreme cabaret into their big entertainment nights.

Tonight it was Human Statue model Anastasiya Bakss, back by huge demand, made up in a 30's style burlesque like corset, with a dash of black and red bodypaint on some of her extremities, and boy did it epitomise tease, burlesque and titillation. Our doll turned out to be the life of the party, not to our surprise.

The extreme cabaret performances have pumped Hilton's Zeta Bar big time, and we know it's been wonderful for business. Downstairs at the Marble Bar has also appeared to have benefited by extra patrons, most of which enjoy a good drink (and tease).

Zeta Bar biz brainchild Grant Collins says of the nights "a late-1800s circus freak show crossed with 1920s-'30s sophistication".

Some of the most popular drinks at the moment include Absinthe (look for the sexy green bottle) and all things liquid nitrogen.

The filthy fun and flirty Friday nights at Sydney Hilton continue to be a key watercooler conversation piece in offices (and God knows where else) in and around Sydney's CBD for weeks.

So, you're up to be tantalised in an appropriate cool and sexy fashion? Then snatch the opportunity to do 'Sin City' Sydney like it should be done. You can bet you're spanking partner that Sydney Hilton will be pumping big time again next Friday, and its got lots to do about 'extreme cabaret'. Join us and see what all the fuss is about boys and girls. Turn up, or be spanked. Sweet dreams.