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Hidden Treasures of Sydney; Photography Award

Hidden Treasures of Sydney; Photography Award Winners Share With Charity

Sydney City Rotaract earlier this evening announced the winners of the 'Hidden Treasures of Sydney’ photography competition with their 'Night With The Artists'.
Over 200 amateur and professional photographers entered the competition and the field was narrowed down to just one, with my close artistic friend Eva Rinaldi making the final with her 'Sailing Opera House', and Greg Rollo's 'George Street' photo being selected for the calendar's front cover.
An intimate audience of art lovers and philanthropic minded people gathered to celebrate art, photography and people power.
Out of all the speeches given my favourite was that of Briar Wards (Youth Insearch) who shared with the captive audience that when she was a troubled youngster she was sceptical about 'Youth Insearch', however they assisted her to the extend where she believes that in fact "saved her life", and judging by Ms Wards emotion speech, I believe her. It sure kept things real and relative to the cause, and why we were there - photography and art for a worthy cause.

Hidden Treasures of Sydney Calendar

The Hidden Treasures of Sydney 2012 Calendar showcases a secret side of Sydney and the fabulous photography skills of our local talent. This 210 x 297mm, 130gsm Gloss art design is a perfect size for the home or office, and is a great last minute Christmas gift for the Sydney Sider or especially an international mate. The Calendar features a spectacular photo for each month and any relevant public holidays. All proceeds from the sale of this calendar go towards local charity Youth Insearch, a community organisation that coordinates weekend programs focused on resolving adolescent issues at a peer level for young people aged between 12-17 years.


Name: Kiss me, Kite
Artist: Bellinda Dune
Location: Palm Beach


Name: The View
Artist: Ian Ibrahim
Location: Brighton le Sands Sydney


Name: Marie Nekoodast
Artist: Autumn Songs
Location: Rozelle


Name: Luna Harbour
Artist: Nkechi Beka
Location: Sydney Harbour


Name: Intelligent Arches
Fiona Pine 
University of Sydney Quadrangle Camperdown


Name: Sailing Opera House
Artist: Eva Rinaldi
Location: Sydney


Name: Elegance is an Attitude
Artist: Ondrej Holiencin


Name: Solo
Artist: Greg Rollo
Location: George Street, Sydney


Name: Washing Machine
Artist: Ian Ibrahim
Location: Little Bay, Maroubra, Sydney


Name: Couple
Artist: Greg Rollo
Location: Town Hall Station, Sydney


Name: Escape
Artist: Mark Tipple
Location: Bronte Beach, Sydney


Name: Hanging Feet
Artist: Michelle Vierboom
Location: Manly Wharf
The full list of winners (which sees their photographs showcased in the 2012 calendar) is:
Belinda Dunn - 'Kiss Me Kite' (January)
Ian Ibrahim - 'The View' (February)
Marie Nekoodast - 'Autumn Songs' (March)
Nkechi Beka - 'Luna Harbour' (April)
Fiona Pine - 'Arches' (May)
Eva Rinaldi - 'Sailing Opera House' (June)
Ondrej Holiencin - 'Elegance is an Attitude' (July)
Greg Rollo - 'Solo' (August)
Ian Ibrahim - 'Washing Machine' (September)
Greg Rollo - 'Town Hall Station' (October)
Mark Tipple - 'Escape' (November)
Michelle Vierboom - 'Hanging Feet' (December)
David Burns, Senior Lecturer in the School of Design at the University of Technology Sydney, selected twelve photographs to appear in the 2012 calendar.
Winners received (1) 200 free digital prints card and a Paxtons photography course.
The calendar will be sold across Sydney with proceeds donated to local charity, Youth Insearch.
Youth Insearch is a Sydney-based charity empowering young people to take responsibility for their lives by giving them the opportunity and skills to develop their self esteem and play a positive role in society.
The competition was managed by Sydney City Rotaract, a dynamic group of students and professionals aged 18-30 who want to 'make a difference' in the community and across the world.
Sponsored by Rotary International, Rotaract Clubs are part of a worldwide organisation of 170,000 individuals in 7,000 clubs covering 160 countries and geographic areas.
Details on becoming a member of Sydney City Rotaract are available from the website:
Well done to all involved with the event.
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