Human Statue Bodyart



Body art is a powerful way to advertise products and services, using creativity that makes you look twice and really sends out a huge statement!

Examples include:

Clothing painted on bodies and decore
Bodies as imagery and logos depicting products and services
Decorated bodies holding products or catering food
Illusion based camouflage body art used to blend people into backgrounds or appear as objects
As an animated sequence moving over body


Body art can be used in many forms for events and product launches to gain media attention and create a unique and eye-catching piece of art for guests to talk about.

Examples include:

Celebrities and Models painted with logos or designs depicting the products or service launched
Dancers and Models painted to the theme of a launch or event (e.g. Jungle, Circus,60's 70's or 80s, Festival, Cabaret, Latin,.)
Dancers and Models as Statues on podiums or plinths
Live body art experience Demonstration: watch as a body is transformed before your eyes
Waitresses and bar staff body painted when serving guests
Camouflage body art where the bodies are blended into backgrounds and then appear or are painted as a logo or objects (This can be used in multiple bodies forming an image or themed design)


Body art can be used in fashion shows to accentuate designs in the form of:

Accessories painted onto bodies as ornate and colourful tattoos and body jewellery
Stockings painted on where the toes are seen, to create a unique illusion
Designers logos can be painted and incorporated into designs
Clothing painted as part of an outfit
Celebrities painted in designs depicting the designer’s range as a show-stopper
Ornamental statues as part of the set design