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Hilton Hotel Extreme Cabaret

Extreme Cabaret She-Devil Shocks Hilton Zeta Bar, by Eva Rinaldi - 7th October 2011

Sydney’s Zeta Bar at the famous Hilton Hotel continued to delight with the extreme cabaret, now a mainstay in Sydney.

If a drink and a modest dash of tease are your thing you have most assuredly come to the right place.

My Human Statue Bodyart was tickled to death to once again deliver a smoking hot cabaret presentation, this time with a strong 'She-Devil' look and feel.

Tonight it was model Anastasiya Bakss, back by mega demand, made up in a 'She-Devil' - ish burlesque like number, with a red bodypaint on some of her extremities, and boy did it epitomise tease and all of that good stuff.

You wouldn't have picked it, but tonight my 'She-Devil' was part bodypainted and made up by creative arts students, Antonio X and his friend, my 14 year old son, Joseph. Just imagine their teacher's faces when they explain that they painted and decorated a 'She-Devil' at Sydney Hilton for work experience.  Human 'She-Devil' turned the Zeta red hot, as you might expect.

Antonio said "My teacher won't believe it. I had an absolute ball tonight. I think I might be dreaming about Extreme Cabaret, I had such a good time".

Joseph said "I grew up with creative arts and bodyart work, thanks to mum, and tonight even the model complimented me on the application of my bodypaint strokes. I had a great time and it will be good for my CV also. It was a top team effort. I really like She-Devil's now".

The extreme cabaret performances have pumped Hilton's Zeta Bar big time, and for this reason Hilton's around Australia, indeed around the world, are preparing to add 'Extreme Cabaret' to their weekly line ups. Only yesterday Hilton Surfers' Paradise got infiltrated by 'Extreme Cabaret'.

Zeta Bar biz brainchild Grant Collins says of the nights "a late-1800s circus freak show crossed with 1920s-'30s sophistication".

Some of the most popular drinks at the moment include Absinthe (look for the sexy green bottle) and all things liquid nitrogen.

Want to be tantalised in an appropriate cool and sexy fashion? Grab the chance to do 'Sin City' Sydney like it should be done. Come again to Sydney Hilton next Friday night and check out 'extreme cabaret'. 'She-Devil' has done her dash, but we heard something about a neon yellow cabaret performer about to light up a spark in the joint. Join us and see what all the excitement is about boys and girls. As Alice Cooper famously sang, 'School's Out'.

*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography

*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart


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